Wells Fargo forecloses farm, animals fend for themselves

December 10, 2009

I smell a PR problem here, at least locally. “Glocester farmer, evicted in foreclosure, seeks to compel care for animals” (Djuardin, Projo)

The evicted owner of Bonniedale Farms, upset with the way 136 animals on his farm have been treated since he was forced off the property Monday by Wells Fargo Bank, plans to go before a Superior Court judge Wednesday to get a restraining order to force the bank or its agents to provide food, water and care for the animals left behind.

Guy Settipane, the lawyer for Dan MacKenzie, said his client became concerned Tuesday morning after neighbors described chaotic conditions on the property on Snake Hill Road. He said MacKenzie became alarmed when he went to the site and saw, from a distance, “total strangers walking off with his animals.”

But the lawyer said his main concern was for the animals — including cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, horses, sheep, goats and others — that he said had been left to fend for themselves despite assurances by Wells Fargo that it had arranged to have the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals take care of them.

There’s more in the article.


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Wells Fargo headquarters, San Francisco, CA–their phone number is 1-800-869-3557. We need to call and give ’em hell.

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how can this be allowed? wells should be charged with animal cruelty and we need to stand up for the voiceless and the innocent animals that can not speak for themselves. tne banksters and their greed and fraud needs to be stopped before they totally destroy this country. united we stand

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Call me crazy but I believe the foreclosure process takes a very long time and the former owner would have received several notices well in advance of being evicted. Maybe he should have done something instead of putting his head in the ground and hoping for a miracle.??? I assure you all that an eviction due to foreclosure is in no way shape or form a surprise.

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We are starting an Organization titled United We Will Stand! Reach me at www.consulting@seacoastpub.com.to join. The American People must stand together and we must forget about petty differences most of which are exacerbated by special interest groups to push your buttons.

What Wells Fargo did was absolutely vile. But we’ve found out the hard way that banks lie and then lie again to cover up. Animals and children are the innocents of the world. If we do not protect them, then we as a society are doomed. Rolfe, thank you for bringing this to our attention and please keep us abreast of this story. If any of you want to make a difference you close your accounts at Wells Fargo and send a message that their greedy inhumane treatment of animals will not be tolerated. My heart breaks for these people

If you are in foreclosure or close to it you must visit www.livinglies.com (http://livinglies.wordpress.com/).

You will not believe what you read but it is true and there are quality lawyers and professional people behind that site.Beware of loan modifications because most of them are scam. What the bank, including wells Fargo is after is your property. What you don’t know is that it has already been paid off and the investors who bought these mortgage backed securities are now being ripped off. The entire story is well documented on living lies.

Furthermore, Banks lie. They’ve lied to Congress in ways which should have them in prison instead of receiving billions in bonuses. People we are not even scratching the service.

Join United We Will Stand and let’s be a voice for America–not for Repulicrats but for America and a brighter future. America and Americans have been hijacked and there is only one group of people to save her and that is us–the people who have the most to lose.

Meanwhile I would encourage everyone to make a statement about this farm and these animals. If you love animals, you’ll be helping them en mass.This behavior cannot be tolerated.

Again go to http://livinglies.wordpress.com/ and find out what can be done to help these people hold on to their farm. In this economy and in this financial environment which we did not create, we are all victims of Big Business and Politicans who have their own very special agenda.


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ENOUGH of having animals take the brunt of human greed.
And, please someone help this man organize a vigilante invasion of (his own) property to care for his animals.

When o when will crass money grubbing take second place to basic ethical rights of humans and animals? (Probably not in my lifetime).

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Americans don’t take kindly to animal abuse these days. We’ll take an already dim view of Wells Fargo to a black depth. I for one plan to cease all activity for myself and my family with them. But that’s just the start. Alerting loudmouth organizations comes next. And they have lots of firepower these days. I’m refering to PETA, ALDF and HSUS nationally and then there’s the state and local levels. I plan on contacting my Senator who’s on the banking committee. Finally the state attorney general’s office should know. Taking back America one case at a time.

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I think its been established that Wells fargo was not the bank in charge of the foreclosure, and why did the animals owner not take care of them?

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“Call me crazy but I believe the foreclosure process takes a very long time and the former owner would have received several notices well in advance of being evicted. Maybe he should have done something instead of putting his head in the ground and hoping for a miracle.???”

This may or may not be true. It’s also completely irrelevant, unless you live in some strange world where the animals were also privy to the foreclosure process and, after carefully considering their options, then made some foolish choices.

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