Lunchtime Links 12-29

December 29, 2009

Was the global financial crisis a mathematical error? (Steve Keen, Business Spectator) Keen’s latest. Another great piece explaining the flaws of neoclassical economics. (ht Yves)

Not just Tiger’s temptations (Glanville, NYT) Another great column from ex-Cub/Phillie Doug Glanville.

Housing crash leads to falling divorce rate (Waller, WSJ)

Fed proposes selling term deposits to absorb excess reserves (Torres, BusinessWeek) To prevent banks from lending too much of the free money it gave them, the Fed will sell them CDs.  Earning interest on free money is another reason why it’s good to be a banker…

In new way to edit DNA, hope for treading disease (Wade, NYT) “Only one man seems to have ever been cured of AIDS, a patient who also had leukemia. To treat the leukemia, he received a bone marrow transplant in Berlin from a donor who, as luck would have it, was naturally immune to the AIDS virus.”

Video tour of 96 sq ft house (Unclutterer)

Lots ‘o lights (imgur) Impressive Xmas decorating.

Polar bear attack…


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Other than the optics, why is a “term deposit” strategy better for the Fed than just raising or lowering the interest rate paid on excess reserves?

I can only see how soliciting the longer maturity deposits will only be more expensive for the Fed.

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