The Swiss banking whistleblower

January 4, 2010

This feels like a report that deserves a full hour. Who are some of the tax cheats that have been uncovered? Who are the UBS executives that knew about and condoned the illegal behavior? Interesting nonetheless.

See also the web extras.


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[…] – The Swiss banking whistleblower. […]

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Soooo typical that the whistleblower gets screwed. A few years ago there was a major cheating scandal at IU Dental School. The only person who got sanctioned for cheating was the one guy who confessed… everyone else kept their mouths shut and got off Scot-free. It just never seems to pan out when you talk to the authorities… there is no justice that comes from going to higher-ups.

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Read a wild fraud story about a mexican drug cartel and a high profile US money manager at

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It makes me sick that Billions of dollars will be going to the Government and they decide to prosecute! Mr. Birkenfeld should be a hero. Makes you wonder who the real Crookes are!!!! Who is on the list makes you wonder!

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Talk about perverted ways of not-saving the US taxpayer billions of dollars… house

And she didn’t even hide any diamonds in her toothpaste.

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First off, I find it funny that this video was sponsored by Pfizer, who just got caught in a whistleblown scandal a few years ago. Should he go to jail? No, absolutely not. Where does the justice come in? This company should be shut down and the CEOs thrown in jail! But whatever, he’ll have plenty of money to make up for the three and a half years in prison.

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