Crisis inquiry commission hearings today

January 13, 2010

UPDATE: Wow, if the questioning by Phil Angelides of Lloyd Blankfein is any indication of how these hearings are going to play out, they will be much fun to watch. He really pressed Blankfein and the two got combative. Too bad he didn’t have more time…

UPDATE 2: False start, the other commissioners are mostly asking softball general questions. Angelides is the only one hitting hard.

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission begins its hearings today. They’re already under way and can be viewed live on CSPAN 2. A web feed is available here.

A couple interesting links:

Top 10 Questions for the Commission from Eliot Spitzer, Bill Black and Frank Partnoy

Ask Holder to be bolder Tom Ferguson on why AG Eric Holder should be more aggressive as the nation’s top prosecutor.

Starting the day off are John Mack, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon and Brian Moynihan. Other CEOs I hope are questioned under oath include Chuck Prince (Citi), Stan O’Neal (Merrill Lynch), Ken Lewis (BofA), Angleo Mozilo (Countrywide), Herb Greenberg (AIG), Jack Welch (GE) and Herb Sandler (World Savings).

Joe Cassano — the guy who ran AIG’s Financial Products division — should also be called. To my knowledge he hasn’t said anything publicly since AIG’s failure. He’s hiding in London, but would he ignore a commission subpoena?

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