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February 1, 2010

President’s budget (

Barney Frank: The poor should rent, not own (Indiviglio, Atlantic)

Citigroup said to plan sale of private equity unit (Keoun/Keehner, Bloomberg) Citi cites raising cash to pay down debt as the reason to sell this unit. Of course this would also get Pandit some brownie points with Paul Volcker, who wants commercial banks out of private equity, hedge funds and proprietary trading…

HCA owners get $1.75 billion payout (Lattam, WSJ) Speaking of private equity…a nice payout for investors in one of the biggest LBOs in history.

All those little Stuy towns (Morgenson, NYT) Bullying as a business model…

Goldman Sachs and the $100 million question (Times UK) This is a thinly sourced article that claims Lloyd Blankfein will get a blowout $100m bonus for 2009. If true, talk about giving the finger to, well, pretty much everyone.

Five myths about America’s credit card debt (Manning, WaPo)

Happy palindrome day! (imgur)

Barefoot running: How humans ran comfortably, and safely, before the invention of shoes (Science Daily)

Accidental time capsule…

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Regarding running, yeah, you should land (and stay) on your forefeet, not on your heel. However, you’re resting when you land on your heel (it’s like walking), so it’s more energy efficient to heel strike. This ain’t exactly new news…

At any rate, we should all forefoot striking. When I used to heel strike, I broke small bones in my feet several times, and was constantly dealing with shin splints, sore knees, sore hips. I will note, however, that the first time I went from heel strike to forefoot strike, I went from running 12 miles a pop to 1.5 miles a pop before my calves and my feet tired out and I couldn’t run anymore (forefoot striking, that is… I could still heel strike). It took me a long time to build back up, and I run about 1 mph slower forefoot striking because of the energy difference (went from 8.6 mph to 7.5 mph, body temperature limited, not cardio limited). It’s a no brainer as long as you’re not racing competitively.

You need flat running shoes to forefoot strike. Most running shoes have high heels because heel strikers need the extra cushioning, which in turn makes it harder to run on your forefeet unless you set a treadmill to incline. Something like a New Balance 758 is reasonably flat.

If one can’t forefoot strike, then I’d seriously suggest not running and hitting an elliptical machine instead.

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