Lunchtime Links 2-11

February 11, 2010

EU seals deal to help Greece, details murky (Grajewski/Toyer, Reuters) We need to know more about what help is being offered and what strings will be attached to it.

A Greek crisis is coming to America (Niall Ferguson, FT)

Google plans experiment to offer superfast web (Sherr, Reuters)

Buffett takes on Chicago chokepoint with Burlington (Lippert, Bloomberg) This article is 500 words too long, but it’s still interesting!

Immelt disagrees with Paulson’s recollection of Sept ’08 (Layne, Bloomberg) Immelt is lucky that companies like AIG and Goldman have absorbed much of the public’s bad feelings about the bailout. It doesn’t sound like Immelt is really disagreeing with Paulson, he just doesn’t remember discussing GE’s funding problems in the commercial paper market. Uh, really? The Fed created the Commercial Paper Funding Facility in large measure for GE. And GE sold $60 billion of government guaranteed paper through FDIC’s Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program.

Fed in talks with money market funds to help drain $1 trillion (Torres/Condon, Bloomberg) Interesting….

New black hole simulator uses real star data (Muir, New Scientist)

Driving behind a hearse… (imgur)

Sausage fingers (clusterflock) iPhone users in cold places will appreciate this…

A brief history…

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