Lunchtime Links 3-11

March 11, 2010

Financial reform: Dead? (Wutkowski/Younglai, Reuters) Talks broke down over the consumer financial protection agency it appears. On the one hand it’s a shame reform can’t get through Congress, on the other hand what was under discussion was so watered down it deserve to be called “reform.” Regulators will be disappointed not to get resolution authority, on which they’d pinned their hopes of ending the “Too Big to Fail” paradigm.

Slim tops Gates, Buffett (Forbes) The world has a new richest man, according to Forbes. At 25, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest on the list. He’s listed as worth $4 billion. Who needs a revenue model!

CFA Institute kicks out member for porn (Levin, Dealbreaker…ht Dan Wilchins) This isn’t written very clearly. The nut of the story appears to be that CFAI was unhappy that a charterholder became a pornographer while advertising the fact that he was a CFA. Seems to me they’d do more to protect the value of the CFA brand by going after charterholders violating their fiduciary responsibilities to clients. That’s an interesting question, actually. Surely there are plenty of CFAs that engaged in unethical behavior during the crisis. Has CFAI revoked any charters, for instance, for marketing auction rate securities as cash equivalents?

Tiger hires Bush flack Ari Fleischer to facilitate comeback (Cannizzaro, NY Post)

New strike paralyzes Greece (Kitsantonis, NYT)

How NOT to select photos for a news story (Guardian)

Smile! (imgur) Click the image to enlarge.

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