Lunchtime Links 6-11

June 11, 2010

Bill would extend home buyers’ deadline for tax credit (El Boghdady, WaPo) Really? Ugh.

BP plans to defer dividend (Pagnamenta, TimesUK) With the potential cost of the spill running into the tens of billions, it makes sense for BP to sequester as much cash as possible for cleanup/liability…

New estimates double rate of oil flowing into GoM (Gillis/Fountain, NYT) Says the amount spilling could be equivalent to another Exxon Valdez every 8-10 days

Klarman tops Cohen/Griffin as investors search for margin of safety (Stein, Bloomberg) I didn’t know SK had so much in assets under management. Kind of surprises me. He seems like the type that would prefer to keep the portfolio limited so that he could invest in small companies that might move the needle.

U.S. firms build up record cash piles (Lahart, WSJ) Just a thought, but seems to me that cash on one person’s balance sheet is debt on someone else’s. Yeah, the Fed’s Flow of funds report showed that corporate cash piles are up, but it also showed that total public/private debt is still growing!

Tax burdens highest in….? (ht Nick Gogerty)

Japan unfurls solar sail in space (Amos, BBC)

Adobe photoshop (reddit)

Fred Astaire once called this the “greatest dance number ever filmed” (YouTube) So says the poster of this video. I believe it.

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