How many too-big-to-fail financials might be subject to additional oversight under Obama’s regulatory reform bill?  According to Ben Bernanke: roughly 25.

“On order of magnitude, a very rough guess would be 25 (firms). I would like to point out that virtually all those firms are organized as bank holding companies, or financial holding companies, which means the Federal Reserve already has umbrella supervision , so I would not envision the Fed’s oversight extending to any significant number of additional firms.”

Conveniently, the Fed publishes a list of the top BHCs.  Here are the top 50.  And you’ll never guess who just missed the cut at #26…


Not on the list is GE Capital, which is certainly too-big-to-fail.  And there are more than a few insurance companies that wouldn’t be allowed to go under.  By assets, the biggest insurers–besides MetLife, which is on the BHC list–are Prudential ($380 billion assets), Hartford ($290 billion), and Berkshire Hathaway ($282 billion).