AT&T unsuspends online sales of iPhone in NYC

Dec 28, 2009 19:56 UTC

AT&T’s iPhone problems keep getting worse. The phones are behaving so badly in NYC that AT&T tried surreptiously to discourage sales. From Jeffrey Bartash, Dow Jones:

In a holiday-shortened week, AT&T has spawned a raft of headlines on the Internet after the company halted online sales of the iPhone in New York City, at least temporarily. The phone is still available to New Yorkers in Apple (AAPL) and AT&T stores, however….

Since reports of AT&T’s online move surfaced Sunday, a number of people have tried to order the iPhone online using New York City ZIP codes. An effort by this writer to do the same showed that “there are no phones and devices that match your search criteria,” according to AT&T’s Web site.

Now CNBC is reporting that AT&T has resumed online sales in NYC.

AT&T is in quite a pickle. According to a great NYT article by Randall Stross published two weeks ago, the problem isn’t AT&T’s network, it’s the iPhone’s electronics.

The iPhone performs so poorly (and not just in NYC as I can personally attest) that the reputation of the company’s network — and thus its brand — is taking a huge hit. But what’s AT&T supposed to do? It can’t throw its best-selling product under the bus.

No doubt there are some heated discussions behind the scenes between AT&T and Apple. My hope is that Steve Jobs can deliver a functional phone by the time my contract expires…

UPDATE: Reader LH offers the following link rebutting Stross’s piece. I guess I’m inclined to defend AT&T versus Verizon because of personal experience. I lived in FL for a few years and switched from AT&T to Verizon because of Verizon’s vaunted network, which for me performed terribly. AT&T’s was so good that even on drives over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, I rarely dropped a call. Verizon couldn’t get me a good signal in my apt. Just one opinion….


Rolfe, you might want to read John Gruber on the Stross piece: _lying_eyes

“Who Do You Believe, Randall Stross or Your Own Lying Eyes?”

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Evening Links 12-10

Dec 11, 2009 04:54 UTC

Loopholes lurk in bank bill (Paletta/Enrich, WSJ) Companies with connections get to buy exemptions…

Treasury yield curve widens to most since 1992 (Walker, Bloomberg)

Dems want to raise debt ceiling a whopping $1.8 trillion (Rogers, Politico) So they don’t have to revisit the issue before the 2010 midterm elections…

The job market: Is a college degree worth less? (Oloffson, Time) Yes! The net present value of a B.A. has been declining for years. Look for the trend to continue as tuitions increase even as unemployment stays high and wages fall. Don’t go into debt to buy that fancy degree from a private school kids. A good state school is a much better deal right now. Save your money for an advanced degree…

Wells writing off principal on option ARMs (Cambell, Bloomberg) This is the proper way to modify mortgages if you’re hoping to keep people paying. My question is whether Wells has to write down the loan on its balance sheet and take a hit to capital. My impression was that they already took huge writedowns on Wachovia’s book of option ARM loans when they acquired it. So would guess principal forgiveness is not leading to asset writedowns.

AT&T to charge for heavy data usage on iPhones (Svennson, AP)

Shooting in Times Square, perp had Mac-10 (CityRoom) A couple hundred yards up the street from Reuters’ office….

Google goggles (Youtube) Pretty cool. Wonder if it really works.

22 million horsepower (YouTube) Flame exits the rocket at Mach 3. Temp is 4500 Fahrenheit, 2/3rds as hot as the sun. At that temp, they say, steel boils.


“Don’t go into debt to buy that fancy degree from a private school kids. …. Save your money for an advanced degree…”: and so the educational Arms Race continues. Or should that be Harm Race?

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