How a new jobless era will transform America (Peck, Atlantic)

Bernanke testimony (Fed) Key line: “Also, before long, we expect to consider a modest increase in the spread between the discount rate and the target federal funds rate.” That’s not the same as raising the Fed Funds rate or the rate paid on excess reserves, but it’s the first time Bernanke has indicated policy may be tightened. Also, the balance sheet will be allowed to shrink on its own as mortgagees prepay.

For $110, godless will adopt pets of blessed after Judgment Day (DiPaolo, Bloomberg) Great story. And a great way to clear $10 grand! One of many money quotes: “With the economic downturn we’re in, I’m trying to figure out how to cash in on this hysteria to supplement my income … Given the intellectual capacity of believers this could be a gold mine!”

Chinese military officers urge economic punch at U.S. (Buckley, Reuters) Their economic nuclear option….

Eurozone holds intensive talks about Greek rescue (Sobolewski/Maltezou, Reuters) Some combination of #1 and #2 is indeed the way Europe and Greece appear to be attacking this problem. Here is an update of sovereign CDS:


How Brussels is trying to prevent a collapse of the Euro (Der Spiegel)

Google tweaks Gmail to challenge Facebook, Twitter (Oreskovic, Reuters) Should Zuckerberg fear Larry Page and Sergey Brin? Or will Buzz impact Facebook as weakly as Docs impacted Microsoft Office?

Mervyn King leaves his options open (Brereton/Hannon, WSJ) The head of the Bank of England won’t rule out more money printing to buy assets (“quantitative easing”). Not that this shouldn’t be expected.

Blast off (imgur)

Slow motion lightning….more here