Rolfe Winkler

Evening Links 3-14

March 15, 2010

Private equity’s Trojan Horse of debt (Morgenson, NYT) Great piece from Gretchen. Another example of private equity — in this case TPG and Apax Partners — taking cash out of a corporate balance sheet by loading it with debt. See also the case of Thomas H. Lee Partners and Simmons.

Lunchtime Links 2-1

February 1, 2010

President’s budget (

Barney Frank: The poor should rent, not own (Indiviglio, Atlantic)

Citigroup said to plan sale of private equity unit (Keoun/Keehner, Bloomberg) Citi cites raising cash to pay down debt as the reason to sell this unit. Of course this would also get Pandit some brownie points with Paul Volcker, who wants commercial banks out of private equity, hedge funds and proprietary trading…

Back to (buyout) biz as usual

December 1, 2009

Reason #147 that nothing has changed: leveraged buyout private equity shops Carlyle and Hellman & Friedman are tapping the loan market to pay themselves dividends. From Pierre Paulden and Kristen Haunss at Bloomberg

FDIC lowers capital rule, but there’s a twist

August 26, 2009

FDIC concluded its quarterly board meeting earlier this afternoon and the big news is it approved lower capital requirements for private equity shops looking to buy failed banks.*