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Nov 3, 2015

Argentina’s opposition camp fights fear-mongering with humor

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – If Argentina’s opposition hopeful Mauricio Macri wins the presidency in the Nov. 22 run-off, he will make minced meat out of Bambi and the ozone layer will disappear, according to a new campaign poking fun at the ruling party’s fear-mongering.

Since the center-right challenger scored a surprisingly strong result in the first round, the camp of the leftist ruling party’s candidate Daniel Scioli has sought to fan worries Macri would cut welfare benefits and let free markets wreak havoc.

Nov 2, 2015

‘Kirchnerismo’ cleaves Argentina ahead of fierce run-off vote

TIGRE, Argentina, Nov 2 (Reuters) – Twelve years ago,
laboratory owner Luis Azpeitia placed his faith in a little
known center-left provincial governor, Nestor Kirchner, to lead
Argentina out of a devastating economic collapse. Now, as the
late Kirchner’s wife Cristina Fernandez leaves power, Azpeitia
finds himself reluctantly embracing a conservative presidential

Azpeitia’s shift illustrates how the couple’s brand of
leftist populism – known as Kirchnerismo – has alienated swathes
of voters with its state controls on the economy and
confrontational style.

Oct 26, 2015

Argentina’s ruling party, opposition kick off race for run-off support

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Argentina’s tightly contested run-off campaign kicked off on Monday with the ruling party’s Daniel Scioli and opposition challenger Mauricio Macri racing to win over supporters of the candidates eliminated from the presidential election.

The first round on Sunday dealt a major blow to the ruling, leftist Front for Victory, with Scioli grabbing just 36.9 percent of the vote – well below forecasts and only slightly more than pro-business Buenos Aires Mayor Macri on 34.3 percent. Scioli had been expected to win by a wide margin.

Oct 26, 2015

Argentine opposition presidential challenger kicks off race for runoff support

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Argentina’s opposition challenger Mauricio Macri kicked off the campaign on Monday to win over supporters of those candidates eliminated from the presidential election, in a bid to win the run-off against the ruling party hopeful next month.

Macri, the pro-business Buenos Aires mayor, stunned the ruling party on Sunday by winning 34.3 percent of the vote, far more than pollsters had predicted him to win. The news boosted Argentine financial assets on Monday, with one bond hitting a record high.

Oct 25, 2015

Argentina’s Scioli seeks first-round presidential vote win

SAN JUSTO, Argentina (Reuters) – Argentines began voting for a new president on Sunday with outgoing leader Cristina Fernandez’s candidate the favorite to win despite deep divisions over her brand of leftist populism, which has driven up inflation and shackled the economy.

Opinion polls show Daniel Scioli of the leftist Front for Victory ruling party with a clear lead over his rivals, although he cannot be sure of an outright win and may be forced into a runoff vote next month.

Oct 21, 2015

Argentina’s middle class doubt election will reverse nation’s decline

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 21 (Reuters) – In the affluent Recoleta
neighborhood of Buenos Aires, where grand 19th century buildings
hark back to an era of prosperity, middle class voters fear a
presidential election on Sunday will do nothing to halt
Argentina’s long decline.

“We always hope things will change for the better but they
just get worse. This used to be a rich country,” said Lucila
Novillo, 53, who has struggled to keep her interior design
business afloat over the past four years as tight capital
controls virtually paralyzed the real estate market.

Oct 16, 2015

Argentina’s Macri courts Peronists to save presidential bid

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – When Mauricio Macri, the conservative opposition challenger in Argentina’s presidential race, unveiled a statue of the late working class hero Juan Peron it signaled a late shift in campaign strategy: a push to attract moderate Peronist voters.

For months, Macri distanced himself from Peronism, the fragmented political movement which has dominated Argentine politics for 70 years, promising to liberalize the economy and stamp out a deep-seated culture of graft and nepotism.

Oct 5, 2015

Argentina makes $5.9 bln bond payment, leaves hole in foreign reserves

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 5 (Reuters) – Argentina said on Monday it
had completed a $5.9 billion payment on maturing Boden 15 bonds,
leaving a larger-than-expected hole in the South American
country’s foreign currency reserves.

Its foreign currency reserves fell 14.6 percent to $27.71
billion, almost entirely due to the debt payment. Latin
America’s No. 3 economy relies on its hard currency reserves to
finance imports and prop up its currency.

Oct 3, 2015

Argentine front-runner Scioli says holdouts not a priority

ATA, Argentina (Reuters) – Argentina’s presidential front-runner Daniel Scioli said improving an offer to creditors suing the country over defaulted bonds would not be a priority if he wins an Oct. 25 election.

Whoever succeeds outgoing President Cristina Fernandez will inherit Argentina’s long battle with “holdout” investors who rejected its debt restructuring following a 2002 default to seek full repayment in the courts instead.

Oct 2, 2015

Argentina plans new debt issue after $5.9 billion bond payment

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 2 (Reuters) – Argentina will on Monday pay
the $5.9 billion maturity due for its Boden 15 bonds in cash and
issue new debt the following day, Economy Minister Axel Kicillof
said on Friday.

The South American country, which is in default on some debt
because of a legal fight with bondholders in the United States,
targets raising $500 million in the auction of notes under
Argentine law, Kicillof told a news conference.

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