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Nov 7, 2014

Unusual cold front menaces Midwest, fueling natural gas spike

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A cold front more common in mid-winter that is being whipped up by the polar vortex is descending rapidly on the U.S. Midwest, fueling a 25 percent rally in natural gas prices over just eight days and pushing up a seasonal shift in the storage cycle.

Until a week ago, weather forecasters were calling for warmer-than-normal temperatures through mid-November, meaning utilities were continuing to inject gas into storage for several more weeks. But the outlook has shifted dramatically in just a few days, catching traders off guard, as the vortex, a mass of whirling frigid air, is set to take hold.

Nov 5, 2014

Low oil prices threaten to curb ‘associated’ gas output growth

By Scott DiSavino and Barani Krishnan

(Reuters) – The dive in global oil prices this autumn could drive down investment in U.S. shale oil wells, clipping growth not only in crude production but also the by-product natural gas from those wells.

So-called associated gas from crude oil wells represents a third of the growth of new gas supplies and currently accounts for about 8 percent of the total.

Nov 3, 2014

ConEd ready for U.S. winter after lessons learnt last year

Nov 3 (Reuters) – ConEdison Solutions is ready to supply
power and natural gas to U.S. customers this winter after
learning lessons from the polar vortex that vexed utilities last

The extreme cold earlier this year caused gas prices to
spike to record highs in many U.S. Northeast regions as homes
and businesses used record amounts of the fuel to keep warm.
That forced energy suppliers to buy more power and gas than
planned, at extremely high prices.

Oct 8, 2014

Governor sees riches for Virginia from U.S. shale gas

By Scott DiSavino and Barani Krishnan

(Reuters) – Impressed by the riches created by shale gas in some U.S. Northeast states, Virginia is working to build a manufacturing hub and create thousands of jobs from the cheap fuel that will soon flow into the state, Governor Terry McAuliffe said on Wednesday.

Shale gas output has jumped more than 10 fold in less than a decade, transforming the economies of producers such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Dakota, and Virginia wants a piece of that, he told Reuters.

Sep 25, 2014

Henry Hub, king of U.S. natural gas trade, losing crown to Marcellus

By Scott DiSavino and Barani Krishnan

(Reuters) – For nearly a quarter-century, traders around the world have looked to a spot in Louisiana for the best price of U.S. natural gas. Now they’re looking east.

The Henry Hub in southern Louisiana, which connects to more than a dozen on- and offshore pipelines from Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, has been surpassed as the most active place for trading physical U.S. natural gas by hubs in shale-rich Pennsylvania.

May 30, 2014

EPA may nod to nuclear in carbon rules, as generators fear closures

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK, May 30 (Reuters) – U.S. environmental
regulators could throw a lifeline to the nation’s ailing nuclear
power fleet when they unveil landmark carbon pollution curbs
next week, heeding calls from operators like Exelon Corp
to acknowledge nuclear energy as a valuable way to reduce

The Environmental Protection Agency is due on Monday to
release a plan to slash pollution from the power sector, the
centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s efforts to tackle
climate change and likely one of the most contentious
initiatives of his second term.

Apr 28, 2014

Low stockpile raises worries over U.S. natural gas supplies

NEW YORK, April 28 (Reuters) – The United States faces a
natural gas supply shortfall this year despite the country’s
fracking boom, threatening more price spikes as energy companies
struggle to replenish stockpiles drained to critically low
levels after a brutal winter.

As the coldest winter in 30 years thaws across North
America, some experts worry that stockpiles will not be refilled
to levels high enough to meet demand next winter, causing supply
disruptions and sudden price surges of the kind that have dented
power company earnings and raised residential bills in recent

Apr 2, 2014

All clear at Washington state LNG plant after unexplained blast -Williams

April 2 (Reuters) – A forced evacuation of the area around
Williams Cos Inc’s damaged liquefied natural gas
facility in rural Washington state has been lifted following an
explosion on Monday.

What prompted a blast that injured five workers and set off
a potentially dangerous leak in a massive LNG tank at the site,
near the southeastern Washington town of Plymouth, is still
unknown and under investigation, the company said on its

Apr 1, 2014

Officials shrink evacuation zone after blast at Washington LNG plant

April 1 (Reuters) – An evacuation zone around a damaged
liquefied natural gas facility in Washington state was scaled
down late Monday following an earlier explosion as there was a
reduced risk of another blast from a leaking storage tank, an
official said on Tuesday.

A pipeline explosion at 8:22 a.m. Pacific time (1522 GMT)
Monday at Williams Cos Inc’s LNG facility near the town
of Plymouth in rural southeastern Washington state had hurt five
workers and sent shrapnel into one of two storage tanks at the
site, according to Benton County emergency responders.

Mar 31, 2014

Pipe explodes at LNG unit in Washington state, storage tank leaks

March 31 (Reuters) – A pipeline within a liquefied natural
gas facility exploded in a rural area of Washington state on
Monday and emergency workers scrambled to minimize the risk of
further blasts from a leaking storage tank.

Shrapnel from the explosion within the Williams Companies
Inc facility caused a leak in one of two LNG storage
tanks at the site near Plymouth in southeastern Washington, said
Joe Lusignan, a spokesman for the Benton County Sheriff’s
office. One worker was injured in the blast.

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