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Check Out Line: Wal-Mart customers stretch for groceries

April 4, 2008

wmtarmour3.JPG Check out what Wal-Mart customers have to say about the economy and how it is changing how they shop.
Reuters reporters went to Wal-Mart stores in New Jersey, Illinois and California this week to see how the weak economy (see today’s jobs report) has made them change how they grocery shop.
Here are some of their comments. For the full story, click here. For the Reuters Television video, click here.
“I don’t buy a lot of expensive meat anymore. I buy more vegetables, because they are cheaper.” — Fran Allen, 77-year-old part-time factory employee from Romeoville, Illinois.
“I buy what is on the list and nothing that isn’t on the list.” — Patricia Norris, homemaker in Romeoville.
“That doesn’t cover it…. I went over again … It’s almost impossible to stay on budget.” – Barbara Armour, whose family food budget is $350-$400 month, after shopping at a Santa Clarita, Cal. store.
“Something has to be done, because these prices are just getting ridiculous.” — Karen Stewart, hospital housekeeper from Plainfield, Ill.
“I’m making changes just because of how much I’m paying on gas…. I went to a gas station with $100 and came out with nothing.” — Jamie Dorgan, homemaker from Joliet, Ill.

“People might not buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, but they need food. People have to eat.”
— Ravi Varma, a convenience store operator who uses the Secaucus Wal-Mart as his supplier.

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Just so y’all know… The reason things such as food and gasoline etc. have risen so much in price can be laid squarely upon YOUR head. The people YOU elected to congress don’t care about maintaining an intellegent fiscal policy. They pass legislation to increase deficit spending which in turn has made YOUR money worth less. YOU don’t participate in YOUR political process so now you have the government YOU deserve. Wake up America!

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What kind of car is that woman driving that it takes her $100 to fill it at the gas station?

I have no sympathy for soccer moms who buy over-powered SUV behemoths and then complain when it costs them an arm/leg to fill it with fuel.

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