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Consumer Reports mellows on Starbucks

May 16, 2008

Pike Place cupFirst it was too bitter, now it’s too mild.

Will Starbucks ever get it just right with the coffee testers at Consumer Reports?

In March 2007, the magazine blasted Starbucks’ drip java for being too burnt and bitter, and said fast-food vendor McDonald’s had a superior brew.

In April this year, Starbucks rolled out Pike Place Roast, its new everyday brew, saying it had a “smooth, welcoming taste.”

In its latest missive, Consumer Reports  took a decidedly more tepid stance on Starbucks’ new joe. 

The magazine’s testers found Pike Place to be “a smooth cup of coffee with some bitterness, but not particularly complex.” Because the flavor is so mild, the tasters said,  adding cream, milk or sweeteners might overwhelm the coffee.

Do you agree with the Consumer Reports’ testers?

(Photo: Reuters)


As a long time Starbucks coffee drinker, Pikes Place is amazing! My favourite is still the espresso roast coffee, but only great once in a while. They’ve done well on Pikes Place!

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

I’m truly disappointed in Pikes Place. Starbucks is having a “new Coke” moment. I can’t drink it. It tastes like sanka

Posted by Norman | Report as abusive

I say the new pikes is weak and tastless..They only brew this crap after lunch and I have’ve just stoped going in. I say bring back the bold.

Posted by jim grimes | Report as abusive

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