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Food recalls worry shoppers

June 10, 2008

tomato.jpgShoppers loading up their carts may be becoming more wary of the food they pick up from the shelves, according to a food safety survey by Deloitte Consulting LLP.
The survey, which polled 1,110 consumers across America on April 21, found that 57 percent of people stopped eating a type of food either permanently or temporarily because of a food recall. 
The poll also found a sharp contrast in consumer perceptions of imported food versus domestic food, with 56 percent reporting that they think imported food is “not at all” or “somewhat” safe. Eighty percent said they think food produced domestically is safe.
Meat recalls ranked as a top food safety concern. Seventy-eight percent of consumers were concerned about beef recalls, while 67 percent were worried about chicken recalls.
Dairy recalls and fresh fruit/vegetable recalls followed at 53 percent each.
The results were released as restaurants and retailers began to pull certain types of tomatoes from their menus and shelves after a salmonella scare that has resulted in 145 reported cases and 23 hospitalizations, the U.S. Food and Drug administration said as of Saturday. The largest recall ever of meat in the U.S. occurred in February, mainly involving beef products.
Survey respondents also overwhelmingly (89 percent) said they want to see stores sell more fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, and 69 percent said they were willing to pay slightly more as a result.
Full survey results can be found here.

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I think it’s great that 89 percent of us agree that stores should sell more locally grown produce. I hope small-scale farmers awaken to that fact and make an appointment to meet with management–maybe as a local group of small scale farmers.

But I am totally bewildered why any American would trust the meat / slaughter industry after that huge beef recall. I remind you, the meat / slaughter / USDA were selling downer cows for our nation’s school children to eat. Now…really…should any of us EVER trust them again? I think not.

Oh, could you please pass the eggplant lasagna? Thank you. Yes, I’d love cherries for dessert. Sounds yummy.

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