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Mattel launches My Meebas as Barbie stumbles

July 29, 2008

mymeebas.jpgWhat would Mattel wish for if it had one wish to make? The launch of the toy giant’s “My Meebas” points to one possibility — better fortunes for its girl’s toy business, as Barbie sales continue to face trouble.

Mattel launched “My Meebas” — a toy for girls aged 6 to 12 that houses a plush “Meeba” in a plastic tube, which serves as a gaming device with a movable LCD screen.

The toy is aimed at the latest generation of girls, who like plush toys but are also into electronic games, Mattel said. The launch comes at a time when Mattel is struggling to revive sales in its girl’s division, best known for its iconic Barbie dolls. Sales of Barbie have suffered in past quarters, as other toys such as “Hannah Montana” and Bratz steal market share. 

The “Meebas”, also made in China like many other toys, will retail for $19.99, while a Barbie “Top Model” doll can be bought for $14.97 at Wal-Mart. The toys have gone through extensive checks, Mattel said, following the spate of recalls last year.

With a “Meeba,” the idea is for a user to buy the toy as they make a wish, and then go through seven levels of game play, or over 20 activities, which could take anywhere from seven to 12 hours, according to Mattel. 

The LCD screen can be moved up and down the side of the tube, showing how the “Meeba” grows as game progresses.

Once all activities are completed, the tube pops open, and the user can pull out their ”Meeba” — in a sign meant to signify that the user’s wish has finally been granted.

If the user buys another Meeba, maybe Mattel’s wish will get granted as well.

 The company has 60 such “Meebas” listed under categories such as friendship, love and intelligence.

The bonus? Some tubes have twin Meebas.

Watch out girls! (And make a wish, Mattel.)

(Photo: Mattel)


Oh My God! I am 11 years old and I have a My Meebas! I think that they r soo cool! anyone 11+ should have 1! I have Friendship! ITS SO COOL!


My daughter has one and we cannot figure out how to get it to open to let her new friend out – she has finished all the levels we believe – can you give us some advice? Thanks!

Posted by cristal | Report as abusive

After completing the levels and getting to the “magical wish” inside…we were all grossly disappointed at the cheap little (I mean tiny) barely-stuffed “plushie” inside. The poor thing is less than any toy one gets in a kids meal! The games are less than engaging and the screen is hard to see. I have never been more disappointed in a not-so-inexspensive Mattel purchase in my life!

Posted by Portia | Report as abusive

What I want to know is what store sells these toys. Every where we see an ad for them, it says “Available in stores” but we have yet to find a place that carries them.

Posted by gayle | Report as abusive

Well, my 5 year old saw one at the store today and couldn’t put it down. She was fascinated by the little image on the screen and thought it was so cute.

Posted by Heather | Report as abusive

well everybodys asking how to get the plush toy out of his home . you use a letter opener and twist the letter opener while pressing the button. ok thats all i needed to do.

Posted by syd | Report as abusive

u can get them at kmart. also we got one from santa so north pole has them too

Posted by al | Report as abusive

I eagerly rushed through the levels, but I was a little disappointed at how little variety there was in the games. The first two stayed the same…rather boring. The one that did change was interesting, though. I got to the final question mark and completed it, and now my Meeba is so huge he can’t fit on the screen.
When exactly is the tube supposed to open??


im responding to Marie Lynn! the tube opens when you beat the level when youre Meeba can not fit the screen.

P.S what kind of Meeba tube did you have? please respond!

Posted by Malana | Report as abusive

My younger sister found a tube with the twins in it. They were fuzzy pink and one had pink lips with its tongue hanging out and the other had blue lips and showing it’s teeth.

Posted by C- | Report as abusive

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