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Wal-Mart looks to political convention ads to lure shoppers

August 22, 2008

wmtecon5.JPGTV viewers may be undecided about how they will vote in the upcoming presidential election, but if Wal-Mart has its way, they should not be undecided about where to shop.

As the Democratic and Republican National Conventions get underway, Wal-Mart is preparing to launch a series of TV ads that will highlight how consumers, worried about the economic climate, can save money by shopping at the discount retailer.

The ads will run on cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, and the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn. The ads will start on Aug. 25 and run through Sept. 7.

In rolling out the ads, Wal-Mart cited a survey by Voter/Consumer Research of Washington, DC according to which more than half of all Americans surveyed – including three quarters of African-Americans and about two thirds of Hispanics — said they are more likely to shop at Walmart discount stores now compared with six months ago. It also said that nearly half of registered voters who are currently undecided between presidential candidates Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain say they are more likely to shop at Walmart today than they were six months ago.

“Americans are facing unprecedented financial challenges and we see them in our stores every day — working men and women living paycheck to paycheck and faced with difficult decisions,” said Walmart U.S. CEO Eduardo Castro-Wright in a statement. “… This new advertising campaign reinforces that we will continue to be there for them.”

The ads will highlight Wal-Mart’s $4 generic prescription drug program, which it says has saved Americans an estimated $1 billion. It will also tout how consumers can save money and gas by taking a one-stop shopping trip to its stores.

It is an interesting time for Wal-Mart to link itself with the presidential election. 

Labor groups have asked federal regulators to look into whether Wal-Mart broke the law during company meetings with store managers where it warned about the consequences of a proposed labor law backed by Democrats. At issue is whether Wal-Mart’s discussion of the law, which would make it easier for workers to unionize, amounted to an effort to dissuade employees from voting for Obama.

Wal-Mart denies that it tried to influence voting.

(Graphic provided by Wal-Mart from the ad campaign)


Walmart’s attempts capitalize on the suffering of the American people during this momentous time of choice and change are as disgusting as their attempts to frighten and strong-arm their employees into voting against their own interests.

Don’t fall for it, America.

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The biased media has always protected their Golden Boy Bama. Had they let us know of his sordid past, before over half of America had voted, Hillary would be the candidate.

I don’t care who Obama selects as VP I will not vote for him.

He met with foreigners but would not do town-hall meetings, in America, and let us ask the questions. He snubbed our troops while he was on his celebrity world tour!

Now I know why Obama would not agree to the ten town-hall meetings with McCain and Americans. He needed 300 advisors and a teleprompter.

My Favorite moment during the Saddleback Forum was the Clarence Thomas moment – simply priceless! And there you go, another one thrown under the wheels of the Obama Nation Tour Bus! At least Grandma and Jeremiah Wright have company!

The Saddleback Forum will go down as a pivotal moment in this election. We got to see how they conducted themselves “Live” — without the aid of TelePrompTers and live feed. This is what we get folks!

An inexperienced Lawyer, whose ‘Nuanced” rhetoric could bore a coma patient with his long winded propaganda. Or an American Patriot whose life, and his family history has been one of honor and service to our nation.

Hands down McCain wins!

Posted by STOP-THE-DRAMA-NO-OBAMA! | Report as abusive

I find it quite humiliating that a store chain such as Walmart preys on Americans like that. How many farmers have gone bankrupt because of them, how many companies have been undercutt because if they don’t match THE ALMIGHTY Walmart price they won’t buy the product. How many jobs have been lost over this and families effected? Yes I do understand Walmart created many jobs, but it took away the farmers and the small bussiness man’s job first! Question how long does it take for “fresh” vegetables to go bad from Walmart? I’ll shop or grow elswhere and for everything else there’s Kmart and Target!

Posted by Cara | Report as abusive

Check your facts. Obama did visit the troops. He didn’t have the press there. Not everything has to be about publicity.

Posted by Jack Fitz | Report as abusive


Do you think shopping at Target or K-mart is any better? You’re pretty ignorant if you think that any other box store is different from wal-mart.

The only reason wal-mart gets a bad rap is because of its size. We NEED wal-mart. It’s been a buffer against inflation in this country. More importantly, it has a good supply of entry-level jobs for people who are retired or high school kids. I’d rather have people on welfare work at wal-mart than sit on their butts at home.

Wal-mart rules!

Posted by RC | Report as abusive

I see walmart as a sort of necessary evil. They do good and bad around the world i figure. If walmart was gone tomorrow another company would just replace it.

That said, walmart is the place I got to shop for most things when trying to go as cheap as possible. Which is most of the time ! It does drive me nuts that everyone and their brother shops there.

Wouldn’t it be great if the other companies could actually compete and we had options to shop at other places with the same prices?

I am not sure about them trying to pick peoples votes but I can say all political parties shop there, and all political parties have employees there.

As for me I will be shopping at walmart for the rest of my life I assume.


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