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Toys “R” Us touts Black Friday discounts to shoppers

November 20, 2008

Take as long as you need to recover from that big Thanksgiving meal this year.

This Black Friday, Toys “R” Us is holding an additional hour of door-buster deals  as it tries to get a bigger bite of sales this holiday season.

The specialty toy retailer is discounting more than 150 items this year, compared to the 101 that it announced a year ago. Shoppers can snap up toys and games at those special prices from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 28, known in the retail industry as Black Friday, the traditional kick-off to the holiday shopping season. Last year, the door-buster deals were finished by noon.

Toys “R” Us is waging price wars against retailers like Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the world’s largest retailer, known for its low prices. Wal-Mart has already unleashed a round of price cuts on toys in October when it offered 10 popular toys for $10 each, and plans to cut prices every week until Christmas as it tries to win over cash-strapped consumers.

While a massive toy recall played on consumers’ minds last year, the state of the global economy has easily overtaken those concerns this holiday season. Consumers are expected to continue shopping carefully and  hunt for bargains, and Toys “R” Us is gearing up to meet those demands. The company is allowing consumers to peek at 50 unadvertised door-buster deals online beginning Nov. 26 at midnight. Last year it posted 40 mystery deals online. 

Toys “R” Us Black Friday door-buster deals this year include:

* Free Play Station 2 Deal – 6 FREE Games, FREE “21″ DVD and Free Play Station 2  DVD Remote with the purchase of the Play Station 2 System

*Free $50 Toys“R”Us Gift Card with the purchase of a Black 16GB iPod nano

*Free Nintendo DS accessory with the purchase of Nintendo DS Brain Age Bundle or Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Bundle DS

*More than 80 percent off Xbox 360 Wired Guitar Hero Game Controller

*60 percent off TOYMAX EyeClops from Jakks Pacific

* 60 percent off Disney High School Musical 2 Figures 3-Pack

* More than 50 percent off Littlest Pet Shop VIP Plush Pets from Hasbro

*Up to 50 percent off Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360

*$60 off iHome Portable iPod Docking Station (iPod sold separately)

* $50 off Sony 7.2MP Pink Cybershot Digital Camera

The company will also have some deals through the Thanksgiving weekend and some others for the following “Cyber Monday.”

Let the toy wars begin.



They don’t need an extra hour they need to have more products available. What good will an extra hour do if they don’t have anything left!

Posted by Tracy | Report as abusive

Toys R Us…the war is apparently with its own customers not Walmart. All mega retail organizations suffer from some form of consumer apathy. Be it over reaching promises or under delivered customer service, the net effect is the same; mistreated customers in the name of “I am so sorry but there is nothing I can do”

A recent on-line purchase attempt at Toys R Us has brought this issue into perfect clarity. After placing the order I get an e-mail (within 15min of placing order) that states my order can not be fullfilled due to a problem with my credit card. This prompts a call from me to the black hole otherwise known as 1-800-TOYSRUS. I am informed that my bank has rejected the transaction and that until this issue is resolved there will be NO ORDER.

I go to the bank and conform what I aleady knew…there is no problem with me its on TRU (Toys R Us) I call the CST back to cancel the order as I have now lost faith (and time) in TRU. I am told they they will “Request” the order to be cancelled but that it would take 24 to 48 hours to confirm the cancellation.

In the mean time….I reorder merchandise from Walmart. Next day I get an e-mail from TRU that order is in process. I call again….several supervisors later am informed that they still can’t varify if order has been cancelled. In fact, I am told that they have no phone number for the distribution center located inGroveport, OH. In any event, I was told that someone would get back to me within 24 hours….No call!

Next day I call again along with my bank on a three way conf. call. Speak to CST person #6 and in fact am told that not only has the order not been cancelled, but it has actually been shipped. Destination….Northwest Missouri on a remote cattle ranch. Nearest toys R Us location…75 miles in another state. I only point this out as I am aware that the next solution suggestion from CST will be to return item to store for refund. Right!!!! This goes on and on….I just realized this is a further waste of my time. The call to the corporate office was returned eventually just so they know.

I finally get back to my computer to find an e-mail that indicates I will be getting a .14 cent credit on my account. Pretty fair dont you think. They screw up an order for $188.84 and I get a .14 cent credit.

Merry Christmas boys and girls… Santa will be sliding down the chimney this year to deliver your holiday credit rather than the Nintendo DS you asked for. It is clear now why they only recognize themselves in their own name….Should be “Toys R all about Us”

Posted by Jeff Snyder | Report as abusive

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