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December 16, 2008

JPSIIProcter & Gamble is giving the gift of old school home economics this holiday season — coupons.

P&G, the world’s biggest consumer products company and advertiser, wants cash-strapped consumers to keep buying its products.  Its sales growth has slowed as shoppers use up what they have in their pantries rather than go out and buy more detergent and deodorant.

Now, P&G (named after founders William Procter and James Gamble, shown in cardboard cutouts above) is offering more coupon circulars that go out with Sunday newspapers.  Shoppers who shop and then do a little homework (using that home ec education) can save even more.

The company has issued 14 circulars each year over the past two fiscal years. This fiscal year it plans to send out 17 such circulars, including two in December instead of the one it had planned for this month.  This past Sunday’s circular included more than $45 worth of coupons.

A spokeswoman said consumers have been asking for more coupons and better ones.

Consumers who buy $50 worth of P&G products and send in those receipts get a book with coupons for up to $122 off their next purchases. Those coupons include as much as $5 off of certain Olay moisturizers.  This is the first time P&G has offered such a book.
“Our sense is that coupons are being used more,” a P&G spokesman said. “They want to cut back, but they also want the brands that they want.”
Readers, are you clipping more coupons these days?

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I have clipped coupons since I was a child. I learned this thrift from my parents. I was a child of the Great Depression. Even in retirement with a nice pension, I still clip coupons.
What I notice is that there are MORE coupons available for basic necessities like milk, eggs, etc.


When they start making coupons for organic fresh fruit and vegetables, free range chicken, growth hormone free meat, organic bht free milk, etc., then I will start to use coupons.
I guess all that money saved on the food you buy with coupons can be used to pay the doctor bills later on.

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