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Dump 10 Facebook ‘friends,’ win a Whopper

January 8, 2009

JAPAN BURGER/If ever you needed a reason to clear the dead wood from your Facebook posse, here it is: Burger King will give you a free Whopper hamburger every time you cut 10 of your “fair-weather web friends.”

But beware. While Facebook lets you anonymously eliminate your “friends,” the Burger King application notifies┬áthem when you “sacrifice” them in your quest for free fast food.

The Whopper Sacrifice ad campaign, spotted by Adweek, sends a message alerting your former friend that the sentiment you carry for him or her is nothing compared with the sizzle of a Whopper.

According to the Whopper Sacrifice web site, more than 12,000 friends have been bitten the dust — all for a (roughly) $2 Whopper.

In an economy like this, is anyone safe?



This is indeed interesting! How do you think Fb will take to this…esp. if more people follow suit>>

It rather go to and get paid to socialise with vouchers, gifts and freebies!


So 10 friends equal $2 – each friendship at 20┬ó. It has never been cheaper …

Though come to think about it, this system can be milked. Someone can set up a BK group on Facebook, anyone and everyone can join, then sign up hundreds or thousands of ‘friends’ one has never met for the sole purpose of sacrificing them for burgers.

Posted by MW | Report as abusive

Good thing I’m a Vegetarian!!!

Posted by Meowyakosama | Report as abusive

If you actually stopped to think about it. Facebook is being used wrong anyway. Instead of letting everybody be able to see your internal profile. Which means you won’t really have privacy. Leave your internal Facebook profile for your true friends and family. For example if I create a page for my real estate business. I can then have unlimited fans. Plus get the benefit of search engine optimization from Facebook.

On the other hand, if I allow everybody to be my friend just to collect friends. I won’t get the true value from Facebook. which is being able to converse with my family and friends and stay connected. Plus Google will not index my internal profile. They will however index a fan page. Also lets be honest here. What kind of relationship can you really have with 5000 friends.


MW- That’s precisely how I plan to eat… until the promo ends.

Posted by hungry | Report as abusive

This doesn’t really matter to me as I’m vegetarian. Is this for real? What does this have to do with anything? Ditch a friend for a hamburger? What kind of marketing stupidity is this? Why not just give us some more ugly king caveman man commercials! LOL


Yeah… until you just go back and add the friends again right? And then keep dumping friends for more whoppers right? Which reminds me… Did you see the Reuters article on obesity?

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

Facebook has since disabled it after 233,906 friends were dumped according to the Whopper Sacrifice site.


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