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Survey says: Mom could use more free time!

May 8, 2009

frigidaire-kitchenJust in time for Mother’s Day, appliance maker Frigidaire surveyed nearly 1,200 American moms to learn how they spend their time.

It turns out mom spends more time cooking than canoodling with her partner and four times as much time washing dishes as showering.  Time caring for the family pet nearly equals her time talking with Dad.  Not the kind of family time she wants, right?

While it was no surprise that work time exceeds fun time, the degree to which work exceeded fun was surprising to the company.

Mom spends, on average, 52 hours a month on meal preparation versus 12 hours with her spouse, said Mary Kay Kopf, Frigidaire’s chief marketing officer.

The resulting Motherload Index is part of the company’s push behind 250 new appliances designed to give moms more free time.

The new stoves boil water faster and the freezers freeze food faster.  The dryers have dry times equal to the washers’ wash times, to speed up laundry duties.  Frigidaire, a unit of Sweden’s Electrolux AB, is giving moms a chance to win some of the new appliances.

Even with modern appliances, mom spends more time on household duties than she does on things for herself such as resting, working out or shopping for personal items, Frigidaire said.

“We just didn’t realize just how time starved she was,” said Kopf.  “That is why we are launching these 250 Frigidaire appliances for Mothers Day, specifically to give more time for Mom.”

People who buy three or more select Frigidaire appliances can get a full refund if they find their “me-time” hasn’t increased by at least eight hours in the first month they own them.

The survey, conducted for Frigidaire by research firm NPD Group, was conducted March 30 to April 7. 

It also found: 
    * Moms, on average, spend 36 hours a month prepping the kids for school or bath time, versus 29 hours of quality time with them.
    * 18 hours a month doing laundry versus nine hours exercising.
    * 28 hours doing the dishes versus 7 hours showering.

(Frigidaire photo)

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