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Starbucks’ cafe-to-market coupons

May 13, 2009

coupon-0211Starbucks cafes in the United States are handing out a limited number of coupon books designed to drive its cafe customers to grocery stores where the coffee chain’s ice cream, bottled drinks and coffee beans are sold.

“We started in the coffee aisle. But the other aisles got jealous. So now, we’re all over the grocery store,” reads the little brown book of coupons, available now in company-operated stores.

The books include discounts like $1 off ice cream pints, $2 off bottled Frappuccino drinks or $1 off 10- or 12-ounce bags of coffee.

Licensed stores, such as those operated in grocery stores and book stores, will get the coupon books on Friday, Starbucks spokesman Alan Hilowitz said.

The company said its latest effort is an “evolution” of its long-standing efforts to promote cafe products in grocery stores, and vice versa.

For example, when the company launched its new daily brew Pike Place last year, grocery shoppers who bought a bag of the new blend got a coupon code at check-out that entitled them to a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Similar efforts are percolating overseas.  In Switzerland, Starbucks is giving away a voucher for a free espresso beverage with packages of coffee purchased in supermarkets. The promotion will travel to the United Kingdom, France and Germany later this year.

(Image courtesy of Starbucks)


Starbucks is for people with more money than common sense. I just laugh my butt off reading about store closings due to so many people waking up and smelling something other than 5 -6 dollar cups of coffee.

Posted by Mark Chambers | Report as abusive

you don’t have to spend $5-$6 to get a coffee at Starbucks. Obviously you don’t go there. If you truly love coffee you can get a normal coffee for less than $2 and thats for the Venti. I hate when people bash them because of the fancy drinks there. It does take a lot of work to make one of those so it’s the service you are paying for. STARBUCKS IS THE BEST!!!

Posted by Wendy Jacob | Report as abusive

You’re right. The first to comment would know that you can get the largest size for under $2 if you drink just plan coffee. ACTUALLY it is cheaper than Dunkin’ Donuts and is much stronger. I can get a L d&d for $1.95 and a L Starbucks for $1.60 something.
People should do their research before opening their mouths.

Posted by Jes | Report as abusive

I think the first person is jealous that there are people out there that are richer and able to buy starbucks. Whether it is 1.60 something or 5-6 dollars they are known for the taste of their coffee and the atmosphere they provide. I can’t walk into a Dunkin Donuts and hear nice music and conversation of the highest degree. I had a job interview there. I think Starbucks ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! I think they should hold their heads high and be proud of their prices. I am…

Posted by Wendy | Report as abusive

You really can get better coffee cheaper than Starbuck’s. It’s a matter of finding your local coffee shop that roasts their own beans (the one I go to does it weekly). It’s cheaper than the gourmet stuff at the store, better quality, and a lot of places have sweet deals to go along with their beans (I get a free cup of coffee with each pound I buy, and if I don’t want it right away, they’ll give you a coupon for later!) Get a French press for $20, and buy your own fresh coffee. It tastes WAY better than Starbucks, it’s cheaper, and you won’t have to deal with the 98% chance that the “baristas” at S-bucks will burn your coffee. Why waste money on useless coffee when you can think for yourself and actually buy fresh stuff from an independent store? That would be too difficult.

Posted by Amanda | Report as abusive

Im definitely a Starbucks fan. I like the food at Dunkin but the coffee stinks! Every time I go I never get a good cup of coffee. Its either burnt, old, or made wrong. And for the most part, the people who work there are rude, rushed, and hardly acknowledge you! When I go to Sbux, they actually ask how you are and make an awesome cup of coffee! =) I’d rather pay a little “extra” to get what I want.

Posted by Carla | Report as abusive

love! starbucks coffee
it’s the BEST

Posted by Rosemarie Camoosa | Report as abusive

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