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The greening of Wal-Mart

June 5, 2009

walmartsustainable Wal-Mart, which helped promote the adoption of those funny-looking “green” lightbulbs, is making more room in its Sam’s Club warehouse stores for environmentally friendly products — including a water-saving toilet that has one button for flushing liquids and another for flushing solids.

Employees at a Sam’s Club in the discounter’s home town in Bentonville, Arkansas, have emptied shelves of things like power tools to make way for a variety of green products. Similar efforts have taken place in Sam’s Clubs across the United States.

“Our members need and are looking for things that will help them mitigate their energy bills,” said Joel Heiligenthal, buyer of home efficiency products at the club store chain.

 Wal-Mart launched its own private-label compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) in 2007 and has been selling them in thousands of stores.  

As part of an environmental push started under former CEO Lee Scott, Wal-Mart also has outlined plans to one day be supplied by 100 percent renewable energy.

Check out this video of new CEO Mike Duke telling reporters about the company’s ongoing sustainability efforts in a press conference on June 5.

(Photos: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi; Video/Lisa Baertlein)


It’s a nice commitment to the environment. As the biggest retailer in the US, they can spearhead some huge changes in the general consumer.
But Wal-Mart also needs to work on their employee trackrecord, which is spotty at best.

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The short story the Walton family.

Wal-mart was the giant’s shop that currently is spread almost all through the world, but inside in their wealthy, they forgot with someone who the real founder of Wal-Mart / WalMart, this Person was Mr. James Lawrence Walton/Bud Walton. All the big Walton surnames were recorded to the domain name, only was forgotten and is currently owned by the other person in fact his not Americans.

We thing There none of Walton family even his daughter, maybe they too busy to count they money.

Love and money, sometime make someone confuse …

I see it a funny thing for richest family.

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