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New doc checks into MinuteClinic

July 28, 2009

minuteclinic_0031The doctor is in.

Dr. Andrew Sussman was named president and chief operating officer of CVS Caremark’s MinuteClinic unit on Tuesday.

Sussman, who was most recently COO at UMass Memorial Medical Center and an associate professor at UMass’s medical school, also became CVS Caremark‘s associate chief medical officer.

The company named Troyen Brennnan, Aetna’s former top doc, to the new role of chief medical officer back in November.

The latest appointment comes as CVS tries to expand the reach of MinuteClinic in-store clinics, which can already be found in about 500 locations across 25 U.S. states.  Rival Walgreen has about 345 Take Care clinics in 19 states.

Chip Phillips, who had been MinuteClinic president for just over a year, became president of TheraCom.  That CVS business helps biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers find commercial success for their specialty products.

Clinics, which have popped up in some Walmart stores and other  retail outlets, have gained some popularity as consumers look for quick, inexpensive advice rather than waiting in emergency rooms or doctor’s offices.

(Photo\CVS Caremark)


What a nightmare, the MINUTE clinic. We waited 1 1/2 hours to see the RN Practitioner (we were the first ones to sign in), who lacked the skills and personality to handle patients.

The computer system was down, and the RN had no back-up plan. If there is one, she was obviously not trained in it.

She advised us that another RN would be arriving in about 10 minutes, and 45 minutes later she had not arrived.

After about an hour she brought my daughter in to the treatment room and wrote down notes (imagine that) that would later be input into the system.

Never again.

My daughter was diagnosed with bronchitis, was prescribed over-the-counter medication and was then handed a CVS coupon for a small amount off the cost of the medicine.


There were elderly people waiting there for as long as we were there, waiting for flu shots.

I understand CVS’s business decision to bring in a Minute Clinic in order to help them become more competitive, and add a different and unique service to the public; however, the planners did not do a thorough job. They dropped two offices in the back of the store, and forgot about THE CUSTOMER.

We did not complain, We quietly walked out knowing we would never frequent a CVS again. We purchased the medications at Walgreens.

CVS – If we were left feeling this way, I guarantee hundreds more do as well.

Do you think it’s working for you? Walgreens and Rite-Aid just got one of your customers. How many more have they gotten?

My recommendation to CVS is to look into hiring higher-level marketing, R&D, and Customer Service Management teams to drive your corporate mission and vision. Ones that will not only develop these concepts, but afford you the proper strategies to ensure they succeed.

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Being the co-founder of luxury shoe label Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon certainly knows what’s hot and what isn’t when it comes to the world of fashionable footwear and handbags.

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