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Thrifty tips from Starbucks

September 11, 2009

barista1In its battle to end the myth of the $4 Starbucks coffee — the world’s biggest cafe chain is offering tips on how to save money in its cafes, which are lowering prices on some beverages as they battle market newcomer McDonald’s.

Here are some tips from Susan Nodilo, manager of a popular Starbucks in West Hollywood.

1. Bring your own cup and save 10 cents — and the environment.

2. Order a smaller, unadvertised “Short” (8-ounce) espresso drink, which costs less than a “Tall” 12-ounce drinks, but contains the same amount of espresso.

3. Short on cash, but in love with lattes? Substituting brewed coffee for espresso saves an average of 85 cents per drink.

4. Try a French press. Coffee served in a press costs around $3. Each press yields four 8-oz cups and costs less than two 16-ounce “Grande” drip coffees.

5. Finally, she said, Starbucks’ food and beverage prices include California taxes — so those drinks from competitors may be pricier than you think.



Wow! All set to give McDonalds a setback. Hope starbucks come in India soon.


It’s amazing how many people don’t know that Starbucks offers coffee presses on their menu!


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