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Black Friday: First Blood

November 27, 2009

macysIf  134 million Americans out there can get excited by the annual shopping “frenzy” called Black Friday, it’s inevitable that a few of them will get excited enough to commit violence in the name of discounts.

I’ve been scanning the headlines for reports of injuries caused by shoppers whose quest for ecstasy means beating other people — with their fists if necessary — to things that big corporations sell to make customers temporarily feel better and to make shareholders feel better all the way through the fourth quarter.

It looks like fists flew at least once today. Here’s the story, “Elderly woman shoved to the ground in Black Friday squabble,” courtesy of, reporting from Centennial, Colorado:

“[Police] say shoppers started arguing before the store opened as people jockeyed for line position. Deputies say some shoppers were pushing each other when a woman was pushed into a 78-year-old woman. The elderly woman fell to the ground. She told ambulance crews on scene that her hands hurt but she was not transported to the hospital and first responders say she did not receive any major injuries.”

The story also said that she wound up in a crowd chasing the Zhu Zhu, a toy hamster that your kids will forget about a few months after you give it to them.

Any other reports of mayhem out there? Let us know. So far, we haven’t seen any repeats of last year’s tragic scenario, where shoppers trampled a Walmart worker to death as they raced to catch deep discounts.

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I think there will be fewer horror stories in large part because Walmart set up queue lines and handed out numbered tickets (meaning customers pretty much had to pick only one deal to get). That cut down alot on the scrambles.


I love to shop as much as the next guy and love it even more when I get a chance to save.. but this black friday fiasco is disgusting to say the least. To knock down a 78 year old lady all in the name of saving a buck goes to show how pathetic and inhumane we as people have become. I don’t have a lot of money either but I’d rather cut back if need be then get involved in this human stampede. Don’t mean to disrespect anyone but when ppl start acting more like animals than animals do, maybe its time to start rethinking how we do things!

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NOTHING stands in the way of “my deals” – you here that grndma

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