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Shoppers know Kindle better, but more plan to buy iPad-survey

March 30, 2010

iPADThe e-reader battle will go into overdrive on Saturday, when Apple launches its iPad and takes on Amazon’s market-leading Kindle.

Despite the Kindle’s nearly two-and-a-half year head start, it faces stiff competition from iPad (which is not an e-reader per se but can function as such), according to a survey released on Tuesday by online shopping site, a unit of Experian.

Kindle is slightly ahead of the iPad but head and shoulders above the Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble’s Nook in terms of brand recognition, according to the survey conducted last month. 

But perhaps worrisome for Kindle, that advantage may not translate into continued dominance of the e-reader market. About 61 percent of consumers have heard of the Kindle, slightly more than 55 percent for the iPad. But more shoppers plan to buy the iPad as an e-reader in the next year- 20 percent of respondents plan to purchase the iPad versus 12 percent for the Kindle, with Sony and Barnes & Noble’s devices trailing far behind.

The largest drawback for any e-reader? Its price. The top price about 80 percent of respondents are willing to pay is $250, which is far below the iPad’s $499 starting price. (Though the iPad has other functions than its e-reader capabilities.) surveyed 1,631 online shoppers from Feb. 8-25. 

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iPad, no contest

Posted by glenR2112 | Report as abusive

kindle is going to be far behind as soon as iTunes gets the book titles. at $499 the iPad offers far more than the kindle at $250. a short era ends.

i’m buying an iPad (once it gets a camera).

Posted by jborrow | Report as abusive

Kindle? At $9.99, maybe.

Sony Reader? At $12.99, maybe.

iPad? Never. It’s a money pit at any price.

Posted by HBC | Report as abusive

you won’t lug the Kindle around like you will want to do with the iPad, but you’ll be sure to discover the iPad is simply too huge to deal with all day

Posted by Story_Burn | Report as abusive

I will absolutely buy the Ipad. Without a doubt. It will be the single coolest consumer product released to the public since the release of Ipod. Even more so than the Iphone. For all kinds of reasons Apple has been and is currently the “IT” company that has cornered the market for “cool factor” products. Apple is just killing it. All the other companies are at least two steps behind.

Posted by SFmetro1 | Report as abusive

Already bought an iPad, never bought the Kindle, although I am a huge fan and customer of Amazon.

As for being a money pit? 30,000 free books from Project Gutenberg comes to 1.5 cents per book.

Posted by jstaf | Report as abusive

Not a Chance, Why would spend money on yet something else to drag around and is nothing more than a prettier Kindle. (But then I don’t want one of those either).

Posted by tsmith | Report as abusive

I will absolutely buy the iPad. Steve Jobs says I need it, so I must buy it. The government needs to now step in and forbid the Kindle from being sold and bar any other possible “iPad ripoffs” from being sold. Apple is all you need, folks, nothing else when it comes to consumer electronics.

Posted by blueyes1077 | Report as abusive

The question lies in the fact what more can an iPad or Kindle do against the other that would appeal a buyer. I am definitely an Apple fan and so emotionally I might still go for an iPad.

Posted by mensfashion | Report as abusive

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