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Retailers, consumers and prices

Check Out Line: Sit tight. They’ll bring the bad news to you.


Check out J.C. Penney trying to save people money. JCPENNEY/
Not shoppers mind you — but bankers.

The company has canceled its annual analyst meeting at its headquarters in Plano, Texas. Seems the recession has hurt many firms’ travel budgets.
But not to worry — J.C. Penney will come to New York to meet with analysts instead! 
Of course, the story Penney has to tell isn’t the greatest one right now. Profit fell 51 percent in the key fourth quarter, and the company expects a deeper loss in the first quarter than Wall Street expected.
But at least the analysts get to stay home (well, the ones based in New York) and Penney executives get out of Plano!
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(Photo: Reuters)