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From the market to the vineyard


Lenny Recanati was a financier and banker but became a vintner for love, not money. Winemakers in Israel, like their colleagues across the border in Lebanon, have to contend with conflict as well as nature. The most recent release of Lenny Recanati’s Reserve Merlot 2006 was made from grapes from the Ella Valley near Jerusalem, instead of the Upper Galilee. The conflict in the summer of 2006 kept the vintners out of the vineyards for a month.

Black Friday: Even bankers must shop on a budget


charlotteHere’s a Black Friday report from our colleague Joe Rauch:

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the banking capital of the New South, Black Friday’s traditional retail flood was a relative trickle, thanks to residue from the recession. Several Black Friday shoppers said the economic downturn and the plight of the local banks would play a major role in how the city’s residents spent during the holidays.

“We’re spending very differently than we ever have, and I don’t see that changing for a long time,” said Rob Seidman, 39, a Charlotte resident and a banker. He declined to say which bank he worked for, only to say it “employed thousands here.”