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Black Friday: First Blood Part II


hamstersWe were wondering earlier today how much longer it would take until customers shopping for Black Friday deals got rowdy. We told you about one shoving match in Centennial, Colorado, that involved dropping a little old lady. Now we have a “disturbance” at a Walmart store in Upland, California, near Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California’s Inland Empire. What motivates some of these attacks? Toy hamsters! (See our earlier entry on this phenomenon. Also, look toward the bottom of this blog entry.)

The San Bernardino Sun reported details:

“Upland police officers received reports of the disturbance about 2:45 a.m. Friday and sent about four officers to the store at 1540 W. Foothill Boulevard, Lt. Jim Etchason said. ‘A manager at the store called it in to the police department,’ Etchason said. ‘(The manager) said numerous customers were causing a disturbance with each other.’”

The cops told managers to close the store while they cleared out shoppers and made them wait in the parking lot. A few hours later, they were allowed to go back inside, the Sun reported. There were no reports of injuries or damage, the paper said on its website.

A company spokesman confirmed the incident, but said the store was cleared out and closed for 45 minutes.

Black Friday: First Blood


macysIf  134 million Americans out there can get excited by the annual shopping “frenzy” called Black Friday, it’s inevitable that a few of them will get excited enough to commit violence in the name of discounts.

I’ve been scanning the headlines for reports of injuries caused by shoppers whose quest for ecstasy means beating other people — with their fists if necessary — to things that big corporations sell to make customers temporarily feel better and to make shareholders feel better all the way through the fourth quarter.