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I’m Todd Davis and here’s my Social Security number


lifelock.jpgGiving out your Social Security number on national television is bound to attract trouble. But that hasn’t stopped Lifelock Chief Executive Todd Davis from flashing his social – 457-55-5462 – on television, the Internet, and print ads.

Davis says he’s so certain Lifelock will protect your identity and preserve your credit he gives out his social security number to prove it. He’s gotten around 100 dings on his credit, including people trying to get loans under aliases like Jabba T. Hutt.

Someone ordered $400 worth of meat, and a Texas man named Daniel managed to get a $500 loan in Davis’ name.  Notified of the fraudulent loan by creditors, Davis sent the same TV crew that tapes “Cops” and “Cheaters” to Daniel’s house, where after some discussion Daniel apologized for copying Davis’ social off the Lifelock website and then taking out a loan in his name.

But none of this deters Davis, who knows a gimmick, and free publicity, when he sees it.