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In your face, Wheaties!


phelps1.jpgMichael Phelps, the  U.S. swimmer who won eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics (perhaps you have heard of him), is taking his rightful place amongl U.S. sports stars: on a cereal box.
But not on a box of Wheaties, the General Mills cereal that began putting athletes on the box of “The Breakfast of Champions” in 1934 with Lou Gehrig.
Phelps, instead, will appear on rival Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes boxes.
Kellogg said that Phelps will be featured on boxes that are expected to hit store shelves in mid-September. The announcement came in a news release that also told us “He’s Gr-r-r-eight!” 
Marta Cyhan, Kellogg’s ice President, global promotions, said in the release that Kellogg sponsors both the U.S. Olympic team and Phelps.
A spokeswoman also said that company has also featured past U.S. Olympians like Peggy Fleming, Bonnie Blair and Kristi Yamaguchi on its boxes.
By the way, the first swimmer shown on  a Wheaties box on the Wheaties website? Esther Williams on a 1959 box that promoted the opportunity to win an Esther Williams Swimming Pool.

 (Reuters photo)