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Beam me up…Barbie?

Yes, it's true. Mattel has gone where it has already gone before, but only differently!

Pictures of Mattel's new Star Trek Barbies were released on Wednesday causing a stir among Trekkies, eagerly anticipating Paramount's May release of the film, "Star Trek," chronicling the earliest days of Captain Kirk and Spock.

The toys' images, released by CBS Consumer Products, which owns the licensing rights for Star Trek consumer products, show the three dolls, which are modeled after the three actors playing Captain Kirk, Spock, and Lieutenant Uhura in the film, which is set to be released in theatres on May 8th!

The dolls will hit shelves in April, over a decade after Mattel released a Barbie and Ken Star Trek themed collectible set in 1996 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the cult hit TV show. Unlike the new line made to resemble the actors, the 1996 set features Barbie and Ken themselves dressed as original series characters.