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Cheap groceries? Survey finds Wal-Mart is top of mind


walshop.jpgEquity analysts at Citigroup Global Markets decided to conduct a survey to figure out how consumers are making their grocery shopping choices in the current environment. 

Not very surprisingly, it found that consumers are becoming more value conscious and will likely favor retailers with sharp pricing.

So who is the sharpest of them all?

“An overwhelming 72 percent of customers surveyed said that Wal-Mart had the lowest prices. Among the top three traditional supermarkets, Kroger was perceived by more consumers to be the lowest priced,” the Citi note stated. 

Citi conducted its online survey in two markets, Texas and Washington, because it said those are two states are where Kroger, Safeway, Supervalu, Target and Wal-Mart – the  five grocery retailers in its coverage universe – compete.