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Glutton fashion, just in time for turkey day


Thanksgiving is fast approaching and you know what that means: It’s time to put away your designer jeans and man Spanx and settle into something a little more … accommodating.

1sowbLet us introduce you to Gluttony Pants, the result of a partnership between Betabrand and chef Chris Cosentino. They’re the shade of a perfectly roasted turkey, have pockets the color of cranberries and adjust to three indulgent sizes:  piglet, sow and boar.

The trousers are the first installment in Betabrand’s 7 Sins clothing series for men and women. They’re made in San Francisco, sold only through and will run you $100.

Not your thing? Well, there’s always dad’s old Sansabelt pants.

(Photos of trousers and Cosentino courtesy of