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Retailers, consumers and prices

It’s open-mike day at eBay!

Wall Street technology investors spent much of Wednesday at eBay‘s San Jose campus listening to the online giant defend its company, especially its slowing marketplaces unit.

And for anyone doubting the relevance of eBay’s site in today’s crowded e-commerce field, Mark Carges, the chief technology officer of marketplaces, set them straight.

Walking the crowd through eBay’s enhanced search functions, Carges showed a slide encapsulating what may very well be the best of eBay — “A Hello Kitty wedding cake topper,” he announced, to giggles throughout the auditorium.

He paused for emphasis before adding: “Available only on eBay.”

The budding techie comedian made the crowd guffaw with a special mention of the item’s “satin floral accents.”