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Retailers, consumers and prices

Check Out Line: How do I get to the closest Walmart?


wmtCheck out what has emerged as a hot online search term as the days remaining to buy holiday gifts quickly dwindle.

According to Hitwise,  last week searches for store locators reached their second highest peak since the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  For the week ending Dec. 12, searches for store locators  jumped 77 percent.

And just which stores were shoppers trying to locate?

Searches for ‘walmart store locator’ were the most popular and received 4.6 time more clicks than the 2nd ranked term –which was ‘marshalls store locator’.

 Staples, Target and Toys R Us rounded out the  top 5 store locators that drew shopper searches.

Check Out Line: Bargain hunters trolling the web


tgtCheck out consumers stepping up their online bargain hunting ahead of the holiday shopping rush.

According to Hitwise, searches for retailer promo codes rose 19 percent last week compared with 2008.

Craigslist leading rise in online classified ads

At least one thing is going up, not down, in this U.S. downturn, and that’s online visits to classifieds web sites — fueled by the recession itself.

According to Internet tracker Hitwise, traffic to U.S. classifieds sites rose 84 percent in February, driven by — you guessed it —