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Circuit City employees speak


Circuit City employees say they’re not surprised the struggling retailer is closing 155 stores in an attempt to remain solvent amid deteriorating liquidity and tighter credit conditions from vendors.

Employees interviewed by Reuters correspondent Chelsea Emery at Circuit City’s Paramus Towne Square, New Jersey store seemed resigned to difficut times ahead. The store is not among the 155 slated to close and employees who work there declined to give their last names.

“People thought (this news) was coming with the economy. It’s not a big surprise. They’ve (corporate headquarters) got to do what they’ve got to do. They’re not going to get bailed out like Lehman Brothers,” said television salesman Marko. “People aren’t going to buy plasma TVs when they can’t buy milk … We (employees) are trying to stay positive as we can.”

David, a supervisor for Firedog, said the store had a meeting this morning about the closures. “We’re all nervous,” he said, adding that employees had been told earlier in the year that any store closures would happen much later, even into January. “This (news today about 155 stores) is unexpected.”