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The bodegas are coming! The bodegas are coming!


tgtbodegaoutside2.JPGThe drink cooler is lined with linens. The fridge is stocked with jeans. The soup cans don designer labels.

It’s Target‘s take on the local New York City bodega as the discount retailer prepares to open four “Bullseye Bodegas” in Manhattan. 

Bloggers got a preview of the bodega on 57th Street in Manhattan, and the four temporary stores, which are scattered throughout the borough, will open to the public for four days starting on Sept. 12 at 10 am.

tgtbodegacooler.JPGThe bodegas are stocked with merchandise made exclusively for Target by 22 designers, including maternity wear by Liz Lange, kitchen appliances by Michael Graves, and makeup by Jemma Kidd. The soup cans, featuring the names of the Target designers, are just for display, as are the Target paper towels that serve as a wall around the dressing rooms.

A new type of bodega coming to Manhattan


bodega.jpgFashionistas in town for New York’s Fashion Week this September will have a new type of bodega to duck into during their time in the city — a fashion bodega.

Manhattan is flush with corner stores or bodegas that are all too eager to meet the city dweller’s desire for a convenient place to grab a gallon of milk,  a stick of gum or a pack of cigarettes.