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Banana Republic Mad about “Mad Men”


styleguide1Waiting for your star power to be discovered? Retailer Banana Republic and cable network AMC are joining up to promote the third season of “Mad Men,” the Emmy Award-winning early 60s-era drama set in a Madison Avenue ad agency.
A lucky customer may even win the chance for a walk-on role in an upcoming episode and a $1,000 gift card from Banana Republic, which is owned by Gap Inc
To get you ready for your close-up, Banana Republic is promoting the show in all its North American stores leading up to its August 16 premiere, with mannequins dressed in classic early ’60s styles and even a “Mad Men” style guide.

Think sharp suits, wide skirts, form-fitting sheath dresses, fedoras and pearls.
“The Banana Republic partnership is testament to the broad influence the series has had on the world of design,” said AMC President and General Manager Charlie Collier.

(Photo: Banana Republic)