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Meet Bernie Madoff at the 2009 Toy Fair


Now that we have your attention — it’s a Bernie Madoff action figure.bernie1

Modelworks, a company that makes models of anything from planes to action figures is expected to unveil its version of Madoff, an accused perpetrator of a $50 billion investment scam, at the 2009 Toy Fair in New York’s Jacob Javits Center, the Toy Industry Association said on its website.

Mr. Madoff will not be alone. The 2009 American International Toy Fair from Feb. 15-18 will host toy makers from Mattel to Lego  and hundreds of retailers who will carefully pick toys to put on store shelves in 2009.

Gone are the days where lead and safety issues took center stage. Its all about the price of toys and their value, analysts told us this week. That means no more toys for hundreds of dollars, as even the most free-handed parents sacrifice buying costly toys for their children to save money.