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Check Out Line: Madonna goes back-to-school


Check out the big M’s: Madonna and Macy’s. ROMANIA/

What could possibly say “back-to-school”  more in 2010 than a fashion line named after song released in 1985.

That’s what licensing and marketing firm Iconix is developing for Macy’s, in collaboration with rock icon Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes.

The “Material Girl” fast-fashion line will be sold in about 200 Macy’s stores in August for the key back-to-school season. The clothes will sell for $12-$40 and the companies also plan expansion into fragrance and other areas in 2011.

Okay, Madonna is still a huge name and packs them in on tour. But our serious question for readers is: how much does she resonate with teens in 2010? (Our not-so-serious question: Which “Twilight” movie was she in again?)