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Check Out Line: Dean spills sour profit report


milkCheck out Dean’s disappointment.

The largest U.S. dairy company found that in a weak economy, consumers do not want to pay more for branded dairy products.

Dean posted a fourth-quarter profit that fell short of Wall Street estimates and also saw 2010 earnings falling below expectations.

Aside from higher costs for commodities like butter fat, the company also had lower returns on its sales of excess cream, another factor that pressured earnings.

The company also decided to spend more on marketing for its WhiteWave organic and soy segment.

Check Out Line: Wal-Mart cuts prices in Canada


walmart-milk.jpgCheck Out Wal-Mart’s price cuts for eggs, milk, butter and bread in Ontario, Canada.

If you are counting pennies but still want that morning coffee and omelet, you can now buy one- and two-liter milk cartons for $1.77 and $2.97 respectively or a dozen large eggs for $1.97, if you shop at Wal-Mart’s Ontario stores.