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Check Out Line: Here a Nerf, there a Nerf…


nerf.jpgCheck out that foam-rubber t-shirt!?!
Hasbro is putting the Nerf brand everywhere with a series of licensing deals announced today at the International Licensing Show in New York.
Among the deals is one for Nerf apparel with Fortune Fashion. The plan calls for an array of t-shirts for tween boys this summer, with an array of other items such as hoodies and track pants to follow. (Okay, the clothes will probably not be made of the same stuff as a Nerf ball).
Video game maker Electronic Arts will also come out with the “N-Strike” video game bundle for the Nintendo Wii, combining the fun of shooting foam-rubber weapons with the uber-popular video game. So your fake digital avatar can use your fake foam-rubber gun to shoot at fake stuff on your real television.
“This makes it the first time that Hasbro has put a forceful effort behind the licensing program supporting Nerf,” said Bryony Bouyer, senior vice president of licensing at Hasbro.
We’re guessing Hasbro could use some help in its push to expand the Nerf name. What would you like to see rendered in Nerf?
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(Photo: Reuters)