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Check Out Line: Twilight’s return to a burger near you


USA/Check out Burger King’s bite from the vampire.

The hamburger chain said it will sponsor the third Twilight movieThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse - after the success it saw with its tie-in to the second one, The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Burger King said fans can expect more exclusive access but was quiet about details.  Last time around, Twihards got goodies such as Bella, Edward and Jacob-themed gift cards and New Moon water bottles.

Here’s what we’d like to know — which Burger King announcement from this week will garner more attention?  The latest hype surrounding Twilight or that a broiler that changes the way items are cooked and is more energy efficient is now being used across the United States?

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A Hot New Moon


By Nivedita Bhattacharjee 
twilight-best-kiss-awardAs Bella and Edward move ahead, Hot Topic is all set to move with them.
After cashing in on Twilight’s success, Hot Topic has snapped up an exclusive deal for New Moon, the much awaited movie sequel to the star-crossed vampire romance.
And in good time too.


Priced at $22, the New Moon T-shirts might just be Hot Topic’s trump card for the season, and it looks like the retailer is leaving nothing to chance when it comes to promoting them. 
Ads for the T-shirts hold top spots on its website.  The company has also been sending out promotional emails to leverage interest in the items, available months ahead of the movie’s Nov. 20 release.
Pali Research analyst Amy Noblin received one such mailer, and says this unexpected arrival could benefit June sales results for the company. 
Hot Topic had boasted of a solid performance for months on end, but forecast a second-quarter loss, saying fewer people visited its stores after Easter.
The usually fashion-savvy company seems to have run into some trouble inventory-wise — its neon-bright jeans aren’t selling too well, and its super-successful Twilight merchandise lost some sheen over the months.