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Check Out Line: Are you ready for some (more expensive) football?


Check out what it costs National Football League fans to attend games.

The latest NFL season got under way Thursday night as the defending Super Bowl giants.jpgchampion New York Giants opened their season with a win (pictured right). For their fans, there were some changes that affected their wallets.

The average ticket price to attend an NFL game rose almost 8 percent to $72.20, according to Team Marketing Report, a Chicago-area sports marketing firm. And if a family of four wants to take in a game played by the Giants, get ready to shell out almost $500 for tickets, beers, hot dogs and other items.

The increases are de rigueur nowadays as the various North American leagues continue to report record attendance and revenues, but cracks may be starting to appear as some fans have begun dialing back spending amid high prices for gasoline and food, and rising unemployment.

As long as the market will bear it, however, fans of the NFL and other professional sports will have to budget for the increases if they want their game-day fix.