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simone-bagel-trahSimone Bagel-Trah bucks the trend.  The number of women on German company top-level board posts — low to begin with in Europe’s largest economy – is dropping.  In steps Bagel-Trah. The slender blonde will become the first supervisory board chairwoman at a German blue chip. On Tuesday, she takes over the helm at glue-to-detergents maker Henkel .

 The doctor of microbiology will also head the shareholders’
committee which represents the Henkel family members who hold
about 52 percent in the creator of Persil detergent.

But the 40 year old great-great-granddaughter of the Henkel
founder is not the pioneer many would like to see in her.

“She basically helps to manage her own fortune. It’s a
family job,” said Hagen Lindstaedt, head of the Institute of
Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.