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Safeway, Walmart top list of most wanted gift cards


SafewayWhile giving gift cards may have declined in popularity, some are proving quite attention-worthy and can be cashed in for a pretty penny.  Online gift card site buys gift cards for cash, and then resells them, often for a bit less than the amount left on the card.  It also lets people donate cards to charities.

So, what stores are hot this holiday season?

Here are the cards the site is paying the most for — up to 90 percent of the face value:

– Safeway

– Walmart

– Target

– Sam’s Club

– Whole Foods

Notice a trend?  It seems like a bit of a back to basics holiday season is in demand.

SafewayTarget, Sam’s Club and Whole Foods cards appeared to be all sold out on Friday, while a $400 Walmart card only had a 4 percent discount, selling for $384.